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1- MOTILIS, késako?
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7- In english
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MOTILIS is a very innovative letters game: neither anagrams, nor words to be crossed. No allotted letters: you are free to compose the words which will make you win the regatta! Ruffling the hair, isnít it?

- to find a word adequate which brings of a box to another on a squaring, each letter which constitutes it causing a displacement to the top, bottom, left or right-hand side. Displacement related to the word is thus the addition of displacements related to each letter.
- There is no physical attribution of the letters to the players and they are thus not posed on the grid. Each one has at its disposal the unit of the alphabet for each played blow. On the example opposite, the word "motility" makes it possible to rejoin the yellow box on the basis of the gray box.
Indeed, M makes leave the gray box by the top, O sends then on the right, etc... to Y which makes arrive on the yellow box.

In the example opposite, go to turn around the island, since the box "ship", and return to touch this one, in less words possible (and in second criterion, less letters possible).

MOTILIS, the universal game! All the headaches suggested can be sought in English or French. The same part of the parlour game can be played in English AND French!! There is only MOTILISSIFOR, this butted robot, to understand only French!
MOTILIS Le jeu de lettres